How history can help us solve global economic issues

As MIT works to advance solutions for global challenges in the realms of innovation, education, planetary environment, and human health, MIT’s School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS) has tapped key scholars and researchers to provide insight into meeting these challenges from a wide range of disciplinary perspectives. Professor Anne [...]

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How advocacy strategies can help boost competition and transform markets

Many of the World Bank Group’s client countries face a difficult challenge – and the White House recently put this issue at the top of the agenda, too: How can [...]

Why Juba?

The World Bank Group continues to engage in South Sudan despite the odds, and for good reason Tell people you work in Juba – capital of South Sudan and now the [...]

Unlocking innovation in the Middle East through financial inclusion

I recently attended an SME Conference in Jordan around SME Finance and Employment – extremely important issues in a troubled region.  All participants agree that [...]

East African dairy farmers using mobile phones to record yields

Smallholder dairy farmers participating in dairy hubs supported by East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) in Kenya and Uganda are set to benefit from an innovative and [...]

Rabobank Foundation and the World Bank team up to strengthen financial cooperatives for agrifinance

The World Bank and Rabobank Foundation are teaming up to strengthen financial cooperatives in rural areas to improve financial services for smallholder farmers and [...]

What you need to know about Africa RISING farm typology work

Sara Signorelli of IFPRI (left) and Mirja Michalscheck of Wageningen University (photo credit: IITA/Jonathan Odhong’). Africa RISING is testing alternative technology [...]

Building Global Innovators program invites applications

MIT's Building Global Innovators (BGI) program is looking for its next batch of tech-based entrepreneurs. BGI is an intense global innovation accelerator powered by the [...]

Macro hype, micro hope: Optimists champion ‘Community-Led Development’

Now there’s a guy who really puts the full-scale dismal into “the dismal science” of economics – spurring optimists to quickly seek out more hopeful visions [...]